Posted on May 29, 2020

May Kenny Design

First impressions are everything & that is no different for our homes
At May Kenny Designs we make the ordinary look extraordinary
Your home's interior is important, but it's the exterior that helps get it noticed & helps you achieve that most wanted curb appeal, making your house stand out from the rest, showcasing your individual style & uniqueness, making you & your home the envy of the neighborhood
Might your home benefit from a great level of natural light or stunning view, why not enhance these aspects with a sleek, modern, aesthetically pleasing safety rail?
Glass & Frameless Glass Balustrades are both aesthetically pleasing as well as on trend with international developments, ensuring modern & up-to-the-minute designs while ensuring safety with a toughened glass thickness of between 8mm to 12mm
Stainless Steel Balustrades are an extremely low maintenance product made up of uprights, infills ranging from Vertical Bars, Steel Cable or Glass, finished off with a steel or timber top rail
Mild Steel & Wrought Iron Balustrades can be matched to an existing design or we can help you enhance the distinctiveness of your home by bringing your design to life, products are manufactured from first grade steel & can be Galvanized, Powder coated or primed and painted with a high-quality enamel
All Balustrades installed by May Kenny Designs adhere to health & safety regulations, as well as to the National SANS Codes (National Building Regulations), as required by law
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